Monday, January 30, 2012

Miles per gallon

I just packed up the computer I used on my tour (I don't usually use one, since I don't need to know exactly how slow I'm going).

It turns out I clocked around 54 hours of riding time (None of the MTB rides were recorded on this little guy. Also- I forgot to turn it on one day in FL...). I was curious about how many calories I burned based on that number. I counted my riding as 'moderate'- I wasn't going particularly fast (11.4 mph average), but I was weighed down with a bunch of stuff. Based on that, and my weight (which is none of your business, although I'm totally comfortable with it, thanks) the total I got was 31,275. Now that we've got a calorie total we can have some fun with science!

I could have powered my trip with 298 bananas (medium ones). Or 209 Twinkies. Or 1117 Peeps (Yellow food theme!).

I also ran across this article. Turns out I burned about the same amount of energy that is in a gallon of gas. I went 630 miles on that 'gallon of gas'. Pretty cool.

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