Monday, March 2, 2015

Bike Fit

Bikes come in a limited number of shapes and sizes; however, people do not. Getting a bike fit is like going to the tailor for your favorite pair of pants that fits perfectly at the waist but is a bit too long. There are small tweaks that can be made to your bike components so that your bike fits you and feels more comfortable.

Who can benefit from a fit?- Anyone riding a bike! 

Riders experiencing pain or discomfort during or after a ride. The aging cyclist with less flexibility or the younger rider new to the sport. The cyclist looking for a new bike. A weekday commuter and the weekend fitness seeker. The charity rider setting goals or the racer chasing upgrade points.

Why are bike fits at Hub awesome?

  • We offer a Commuter Bike Fit. Starting at $75, in addition to a Sport and Performance level fits.
  • We have Jim. A Serotta International Cycling Institute fit education tops over a decade of direct bicycle industry experience from production(large & custom) to small shop 
    sales, wrenching, and e-commerce operation & management for some very well known names in our little corner of the world. The prior decade was spent zipping packages around Boston as a courier and more recently as an amateur category racer competing in road and cyclocross events. 
    He speaks from experience when it comes to the bicycle and equipment. Where the rubber meets the road is the true test of equipment and technique so he's always out there learning and refining.His knowledge base is at your disposal.
  • We believe that education is an important part of the bike fitting process. Not only will you get the numbers and measurements you need, you'll learn a thing or two in the process!
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