Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Ideas

Need some ideas for the cyclist on your holiday gift giving season list? Well, I have 1,000,000 suggestions for you, but here are three to start:

Hub Bicycle Flat Fix Kit- $24

This kit has a CO2 inflator, patch kit, and the world's best tire levers in a not-too-big seat bag. Don't think your gift receiver knows how to fix their own flats? Let them know about our free Basic Maintenance Clinics.

Peterboro Bicycle Basket- $39-49

These classy (and surprisingly strong- up to 70lbs!) baskets are made a short 67.6 mile bike ride away from Hub Bicycle. Local, functional, good looking. There you go.

Park Tool Home Wrench Stand (PCS-9)- $144

Any PRO bike mechanic will tell you that having a repair stand is an essential tool. Lifting the bike off the ground and up to eye level makes diagnosing, adjusting, and installing just about everything on a bike easier. Flipping the bike upside down is for kids (or for people fixing flats on the side of the road, I guess). Plus- how are you (not you, but you know, the giftee) going to adjust those derailleurs if the shifters are underneath your bike?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Hey! We're going to be CLOSED this Thursday and Friday. I'm going to Seattle. Rebecca's going on an adventure. And Erich will be nursing a Lord of the Rings hangover. See you Saturday!

Hand turkey!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter Plans

The shop will be closed for a month this winter- from December 23rd until reopening January 24th . Like last year, I'm planning to go on a bike trip. Unlike last year, I'm going to focus on off-road travel. I've started loosely making plans. Here they are so far: I have a new bike coming my way, any day now. It's going to be a 650b Get Rad Machine, in a mystery color (when given the choice I chose 'builder's choice'), built with theses parts:

I'm very, very excited about this bike. So, I'm going to pack up the mystery (get rad) machine, along with my riding buddy, and we're going to hit the road. We're going to look for single track here(ish):

I haven't forgiven you yet, Florida.

Just a girl in a truck with her dog and a locally designed and fabricated mountain bike, driving through the countryside looking for adventure. Sounds like the start to the greatest country song never written.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


We got new stickers! For your bike. Your favorite bike. I'm terrible at favorites- I don't have a favorite color, or food, or animal (Oh, wait. Yes I do.). Every trail I've ridden has at one time, or another been my 'favorite'. Just as every bike I've had has spent a least a little time as the 'favorite'. It's just too much work to pick out the most/best/greatest out of a bunch of good things. And, in the end, does orange care that it's your fave? So why try to force a choice of a 'favorite' by sticker? Well, if you have one bike, it's easy. And if you have more than one bike, we got a boatload of these- so you can have more than one sticker.


Wait! But what if your bikes find out that they're all your favorite? Here's the thing- bikes are inanimate objects, so they won't know if none/all of them are favorites. Have a bike you feel 'eh' about? Maybe this sticker will make you feel better about it. Try it out.

This bike has no idea that it's only one of a number of favorites. 

Swing by the shop to pick up one (or more) of these babies. Or hit us up on Twitter for one.