Monday, November 26, 2012

Gift Ideas

Need some ideas for the cyclist on your holiday gift giving season list? Well, I have 1,000,000 suggestions for you, but here are three to start:

Hub Bicycle Flat Fix Kit- $24

This kit has a CO2 inflator, patch kit, and the world's best tire levers in a not-too-big seat bag. Don't think your gift receiver knows how to fix their own flats? Let them know about our free Basic Maintenance Clinics.

Peterboro Bicycle Basket- $39-49

These classy (and surprisingly strong- up to 70lbs!) baskets are made a short 67.6 mile bike ride away from Hub Bicycle. Local, functional, good looking. There you go.

Park Tool Home Wrench Stand (PCS-9)- $144

Any PRO bike mechanic will tell you that having a repair stand is an essential tool. Lifting the bike off the ground and up to eye level makes diagnosing, adjusting, and installing just about everything on a bike easier. Flipping the bike upside down is for kids (or for people fixing flats on the side of the road, I guess). Plus- how are you (not you, but you know, the giftee) going to adjust those derailleurs if the shifters are underneath your bike?

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