Thursday, December 6, 2012

Another Non-Bungee Option

Friend of the shop, pickle impersonator, and all around good guy- Trombone Tally stopped by the shop yesterday to recycle a few bicycle bits and pieces. (We'll recycle stuff for you, too if you want. We can take metal, tubes and tires.) He very cleverly bundled up some old (and multiply patched) tubes with some "produce velcro". It's a thin bit of flexible velcro-ish material that sticks to itself along its whole legnth. It used to secure Romaine Lettuce.

You already know I'm against using bungee cords for securing stuff to your bike- and I gave you a couple of not too expensive/free alternatives. This stuff won't be enough to secure a box or bundle of groceries to your rack/basket, but I think it'd work beautifully to secure a lock, or hand pump or some other such accessory.  Trombone Tally mentioned that he uses it as an emergency pant strap as well. If you love reusing/reycling, vegetables, and bikes, keep an eye out for this stuff.


  1. I find best for securing cargo to a rack is the "Cargo Net", a web of stretchy cords that distribute the tension. But replace the very dangerous open hooks that come with it, with carabiners that are easy to hook and close securely.

    Henry Lieberman