Friday, June 17, 2011


I'm registered for the Hampshire 100. I'm not so much going to race it as I am going to try and finish it. I've been thinking and threatening about it enough, it was time to just go ahead and do it.

So far my racing 'career' has only included 45-60 minute 'cross races. This is going to be a little different. So, I bought a book. About bike race training. I read it, and even made notes in it. But I haven't done a single thing it recommends. In addition to being time crunched, I lack a real competitive spirit. It's true- if you really like winning you should not be on my kickball team. Don't get me wrong- I enjoy a good win, but I'm not going to loose sleep (or put in 10-12 hill climb intervals at 90% max heart rate) over anything less than first place. One of these days I'll remember that fact before I throw down another $19.95 for a book that I will earnestly read and then promptly not follow its advice.

What I am doing, instead of keeping track of heart rates and watts and whatnot, is riding my bike as often as possible. So far I've managed a couple of fun rides a week, plus my commuting miles, so that's something. I just hope I can get out for a couple of long rides in the next two months, because DFL I can live with, but DNF would really bum me out.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Bike Party

Oh man. The (15th Annual) Redbones Bike Party (and Benefit) was a blast. That portobello mushroom sandwich gets me every time. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi. I know Charlie threatened promised a couple of you "Hub Bicycle Lemonade Stand Fridays", and don't worry- we're going to try and follow through. The party was a good chance to show off the All City Nature Boy I brought along with me. If you didn't already know- I'm happy to announce that Hub is now an All City dealer.

With a couple of complete bikes (currently single speeds) and a handful of frame choices (also single speeds) All City has cranked out some classy offerings. I think they have a great attention to detail- internal cable routing on the 'cross bike, hidden fender mounts for extra sleekness, clever dropouts, a nicer headset than you'll find on just about any other stock bike, and so on. We've got the Big Block (track style) and Nature Boy ('cross style) in stock. Come on by to check them out.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Shirts

Today our semi-surly UPS guy brought us a new batch of Hub Bicycle t-shirts. Printed on Alternative Apparel Basic Crew (aa1070). I put one on as soon at they came in (just like our tune-ups, I always take t-shirts for a test ride before sending them out the door) and I can assure you they are very comfy.

One thing to note, in addition to feeling good on your bod, these shirts come from a company with social responsibility policies that'll make you feel good on the inside too.

$22, sizes S-XL, in the shop or by mail (call or email [infoathubbicycledotcom] for shirts-by-mail).