Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Reflection Time

I'm writing to you from deep inside the Winter Sabbatical. So far it's been a lot of family time. A lot. Lots. Of family time. ... And some time for wrapping up the years loose ends, and a few fun projects.

I'm sure you've seen a boatload of 'year end' lists and wrap-ups floating around. I've come across a few interesting (IMHO) stats from this year in Hub Bicycle history.

We did 1009 flat fixes, replaced 387 brake cables and installed 227 RiBMo tires (the shop fav). The crew suffered 2 broken bones (bicycle related) in 2013. But on a more positive note, Team Monster Truck had a great inaugural season with a number of folks completing their first CX races.

Monster Trrrrruck!

Enjoy the last bits of 2013. And here's to 1010+ flat fixes in 2014.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Radical Sabbatical

We've got one week to go until it's time for the radical sabbatical. Thant means you have until Saturday to get those last minute gifts and whatnot. We'll be CLOSED December 22 and will RE-OPEN on January 27.

What are we going to be up to? Erich and I are going to take a field trip to Milwaukee after the new year to hit Ray's MTB. Sound familiar? I went to Ray's CLE last year and had a blast. We'll report back on how much shredding is accomplished.

After Milwaukee I'm going to head to Singapore to thaw out for a while. I've packed a bike- thanks to the S&S couplers Mr. Paul Carson installed for me.

These couplers un-thread and allow the bike to split in half. Then it can be packed in (an oversized, but manageable) backpack.

I'll also report back here about any/all riding adventure/shenanigans happen.

In the final week of this sabbatical Hub will be the site of a basic and advanced fit clinic from SICI. What does that mean to you? Well,s two things- 1). if you need us Jan 21-25, we'll be available for evening appointments. Contact us here. 2) We'll be able to offer basic fit services at Hub. In the future, when we pass the course (fingers crossed!).

Anyway. That's the plan. And don't forget we're here this week to make all of your winter bicycle dreams come true.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Sexiest T-shirt

We've got a new run of shop shirts. You'll recognize the design from this summer's shirts.

The Pru and that other building high fivin'!

For the colder weather, we've opted for longer sleeves and have printed these up on baseball tees- the sexiest of t-shirts. They're gray and darker gray, so you can wear it while you're wrenching and not worry about grease stains (much).

Now,I've gotten some push back against the level of sexiness claim. To be clear- I didn't say they were the sexiest article of clothing, I just said they were the sexiest of t-shirts. Think about it. Everybody looks good in a baseball tee.

Anyway, they're in stock, $25 ($27 and we'll ship it to your doorstep), available in the 'big 4' (S,M,L,XL) and are the perfect gift for the cyclist who has everything (but one of these shirts).