Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's Reflection Time

I'm writing to you from deep inside the Winter Sabbatical. So far it's been a lot of family time. A lot. Lots. Of family time. ... And some time for wrapping up the years loose ends, and a few fun projects.

I'm sure you've seen a boatload of 'year end' lists and wrap-ups floating around. I've come across a few interesting (IMHO) stats from this year in Hub Bicycle history.

We did 1009 flat fixes, replaced 387 brake cables and installed 227 RiBMo tires (the shop fav). The crew suffered 2 broken bones (bicycle related) in 2013. But on a more positive note, Team Monster Truck had a great inaugural season with a number of folks completing their first CX races.

Monster Trrrrruck!

Enjoy the last bits of 2013. And here's to 1010+ flat fixes in 2014.

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