Friday, December 19, 2014

The Year in Review

I know it's a little early for year end reflections, but tonight is our Annual Holiday/Season End/Winter Sabbatical Send Off Party (7pm, stop by!), which for me really signals the end of the year.

2014 started off with some bike riding in Singapore and got more exciting from there. Finding a new (bigger!) location for the shop. Building that new location out. Moving to it. Adding room meant adding services like winter storage, and bike fitting. Team Monster Truck trucking its way to a great CX season! Quietly starting work on Hub Powderworks. Not so quietly unveiling Hub Powderworks. It's been exciting and stressful and so much fun.

Looking forward- I'm going to stay put for my winter sabbatical (staybatical?). I've got bikes to retro-reflectively powder coat. It won't be all work- I am going to don my best winter gear and head out for some rides. I'm setting a goal of 500 miles during my time off. Then we'll be on to the next exciting year in Hub Bicycle history.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Win Retro-Reflectivity for Someone You Care About

Via Hub Powderworks

That's all there is to it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Hub Powderworks

This is a project I've been working on for a while and I'm so very excited that it's ready to roll: Hub Powderworks!

 Thanks to the Globe for the great article and pics.

I've set up shop in a great industrial space in Charlestown, and am ready to powdercoat your (or anybody else's) bike.

  Not a bad view from the office window.

 It took a little creativity to make the industrial coating work well for bikes, but Halo Coatings' retro reflective powder coat makes so much sense for bikes. It adds another level of visibility (on top of the lights you already have!). It's a great idea that needed to be accessible and available to individual cyclists. Have a bike you love that could use a little more safety?  You can count on the same attention to detail, friendly service, and quick turn around time that folks have come to expect from Hub Bicycle Co. That's the plan.

Do me a favor? Follow Hub Powderworks on Instagram and Twitter?  Thanks!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Don't forget about your face.

We're pretty solidly sinking into late fall. Colder temps, but real snow is sticking. With a few smart layer choices, even folks who consider themselves 'fair weather cyclists' can ride. It's still fine biking weather.

One smart layering choice to make is to protect your face. Today- somewhere between 30 and 50 degrees- a balaclava would be overkill, but your lips are very sensitive and should be protected. Just remembering to use lip balm can be the difference between a beautiful fall day ride, and an comfortable one, so don't forget your face.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Winter Storage

I hate to do this to you, but even though it's a beautiful sunny fall day today- winter is going to be here in no time.

Let’s face it, we don’t all want to ride our bikes through the winter, and not all of us have a secure place to store them.  Most bikes have to spend the winter on a porch (if they’re lucky) or locked up with a bunch of other forgotten friends at an overcrowded rack.  Instead of letting your sweet ride collect rust under a foot of snow while you’re riding the T, why not leave it with us?  We’ll give it a warm, safe home, and make sure that it’s ready for action once the snow melts.

Here’s the deal:
Basic Winter Storage, $50:
-Secure, dry, warm indoor storage from November to April 15
-Bike frame cleaned/polished, chain lubed, and tires aired up before spring pickup
-Save yourself the cost of replacing rusty parts, and have your bike ready to roll when it counts

Winter Storage Tune $95 (plus parts, if needed):
-Secure, dry, warm indoor storage from November to April 15
-Bike will receive a full tune during the course of the winter
-Bike frame cleaned/polished, chain lubed, and tires aired up before spring pickup
-Your bike gets a tune, and we get to keep busy when the days are dark and cold. 
-Save yourself the cost of replacing rusty parts, and have your bike ready to roll when it counts

Bring your bike in anytime during the month of November and we'll keep it safe until April. Need to grab your bike before April? No problem- we're here from 11am-7pm M-F and 12-5pm Saturday. Or we can arrange some other time by appointment. We're also happy to hold onto your helmet and lock so you can keep all of your bike goods in the same place.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Work in Progress

Somebody asked how long we've been in the new space. I answered "Three weeks." and Erich Corrected me- we're actually going into our 5th week in our new digs. Time flies...

The space already feels like home. We're doing a nice job of 'breaking in' the nice bamboo floors, the work benches are fully stocked and organized, and we've got the system for locating bikes in the giagantic (and slightly creepy) basement dialed.

We still have plenty of work to do. Jim's been hard at work setting up for bike fits (more info on that to come). We've been brainstorming ideas for more clinic and class offerings (more info on that to come), as well as other fun/educational/different things to do. There are many more options to get creative with this much space. It's exciting.

 In the mean time, we're going to keep on keeping on with the tune-ups, accessorizing (lights season is almost upon us), and #cannolifridaying. Stay tuned to watch the shop progress.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


This marks the first interview during which all questions were about being a 'business owner' and not a 'woman business owner'. Thanks, Kristina!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Labor/Moving Day

Labor Day, Moving Day, Allston Christmas- whatever you want to call it- we're OPEN today. We're going to be tuning bikes and watching the UHauls pass by.

If you're riding bikes on the roads today- ride safe. Remember, you don't need a special license or any training to drive a huge blind-spot ridden box truck. Those drivers aren't looking out for you, and even if they were they wouldn't see you anyway.

If you're new to town- welcome! We'd like to make sure that you and your bike stay safe. This week only we're offering a discount on the Big Three - lights, lock, helmet. Buy any light set, u-lock and helmet and get 20% off all three.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Monday, July 28, 2014

The Big Move (is getting closer and closer)

We're getting there. Before you know it we'll be all settled into Hub 3.0. Until then we've got tons of work to do.A little bit of construction, a lot of painting, arranging work spaces, and so on. I know this way out in the distant future, but So, next week- I want you to know we're going to be CLOSED AUGUST 3rd- 10th.

We'll be available by email then (hub at hubbicycle dot com -or- emily at hubbicycle dot com), but will be putting the tune-ups/bicycle-dreams-coming-true on hold until August 11th.

On a related note- Help us say a proper good bye to Hub 2.0 at this week's #CannoliFriday. It's gonna be a good one.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

EVENTS! And Canceled Events.

First up, the EVENTS!:

If you like food and bikes, we're hosting the Dinner and Bikes crew at our NEW (and currently unoccupied) shop space. June 8, 7pm. Tickets here.

We're going to be back at the Red Bones Bike Party for the third year in a row (hat trick!).  We'll be closing up shop at 4pm to head over. Stop by for some BBQ and say 'hi'!

And now for Canceled Events:

So speaking of our new shop space.... we're kicking the prep work to get this space ready into high gear! Due to this, we're going to postpone all Basic Maintenance Clinics until the fall. We'll be bringing them back (as well as some new clinic offerings!) in October.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Hub 3.0

If you've been in the shop in the last few weeks you've noticed we're packed to the gills. We've got more bikes, and more people coming through than ever before. It's been so great to see everyone back on their bikes after such a long winter. Last week a few Original Regulars stopped in to say hi, and commented on what a big difference the current shop is from the original location (Hub 1.0). Remember that place? It was small, real small, but there was something cozy about it. It really only had room for one person to work efficiently, and there was next to no bike storage. The business needed to grow, and needed more space to do that.

Moving into the space that the shop occupies now (Hub 2.0) allowed the company to do great things like hire Erich (he's the best, isn't he?) and Aaron (he's the tallest, isn't he?), store a bunch more bikes, (co)invent #CannoliFriday (with BikeSafeBoston, obv.), and host some great clinics with the likes of Pedro's and the Luna Chix. The business continues to grow, and it's exciting, but we're in a familiar spot- with not enough space.

Here's our big news: HUB IS MOVING (for the last time, I promise). We're going to relocate to 1036 Cambridge Street (Hub 3.0). It's about as perfect as we could ask for. It's literally (in the literal sense of the word) a block from our current location (all of our tune-ups are Bom Cafe powered, so it was important to stay close). With three times the floor space there's more room for mechanics, merch, clinics, #CannoliFriday and fun stuff we haven't even thought of yet.

Hub 3.0, empty now- but not for long

We've got our work cut out for us to get this space ready, but I couldn't be more excited for this next chapter of  Hub. The timeline for this move isn't set in stone, but we're shooting to have the new doors open this August. We'll keep you posted.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A horse on a bike on a mountain. With snow on it.

The full instructions were, "Draw a horse. On a bike. Riding on a mountain. With snow on it. Now put words on it. Make him say "YES!" "

So there you go. A horse on a bike on a mountain with snow on it saying "yes!"

I tried to hand it to my 3 year old niece when it was finished, but she said, "No. I made it for you."
"Wait. But I drew it."
"Yeah, but I told you to draw it for you. So it's for you."

Can't argue with solid logic like that.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Bike Care Night, March 19, 7pm

If you've ridden at all this winter, your bike is probably a little gross. The roads have been coated in a slurry of salt, sand and road grime for months. Even if you haven't been riding this winter, your bike still needs some occasional TLC.

We're teaming up with Pedro's for a night of Bike Care. Wednesday, March 19th at 7pm, here at Hub Bicycle World HQ.  We'll be talking proper cleaning and lubrication, and why it's important. It's FREE and open to all. Come by for some knowledge, refreshments and hang time with other bike-minded folks.

Friday, March 7, 2014

What is Team Monster Truck?

Team Monster Truck is the team for people who like bikes and comradery. We do some racing, and lots of riding. Also practicing skills (CX and MTB) and #cannolifriday.

This team is just about a year old and I, for one, am really proud of how far it's come. I can't think of another group that's as welcoming, encouraging and enthusiastic as this one.

 If you are curious about cyclocross, mountain biking, road racing, bike camping, dirt rides, or eating cannoli follow the team on Twitter or Facebook (an official team website is coming soon, thanks to our very own Jessie C). Or stop by the shop on any Friday evening, you'll probably find a team member or two to talk with.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Spring Cleaning

It's a little optimistic to call this post "spring" cleaning, as it seems winter might never end, but we do have some cleaning out to do. We need to make space for new goods coming in, so all Bern helmets in stock are 30% off. 

This is good until what we have is gone. Right now we have a pretty good stock in just about every size, so jump on it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

For Sale: Fat Bike

It's true. It's time to find a new home for the Moonlander. I've got another fat bike project in the works and I have to make room.

The deal is- it's a bit of a frankenbike. All good parts, but none of it stock.

Here is the full parts list:

Surly Moonlander frame and fork- Small (16)
Crank Bros. Colbalt Directset Headset
Truvativ Hussafelt stem
Salsa Bend 2 handlebar
Alloy seatpost w/ old school style
Avid SD 7 brake levers
Avid BB7 brakes, with compressionless housing 
Surly OD Crank 36/22, 170mm 
Front wheel- Weinmann double wall, 100mm rim/Surly disc hub
Surly Larry 3.8 front tire
Surly Endomorph 3.7 rear tire
Rear wheel- Surly Rolling Darryl/Shimano Deore disc hub
Gripshift Rocket 9spd shifter
SLX rear derailleur

includes Evo Two Faces Pedal, and a basic saddle

It does not include a front derailleur, but it does have two chain rings and the adapter to install a direct mount derailleur. Just so you know.

If you or anyone you know has an insatiable need for a snow bike, it can be yours for $1150 or best offer. Give a call to the shop or shoot me an email if you're interested/want a test ride/have questions.

Monday, February 10, 2014


Ahh, winter. This winter has been cold and snowy, as expected, but also extra salty. I do appreciate that the extra attention paid to roads has made them safer to ride and drive, but it takes a toll on the machines that ride and drive on them.

Bicycles don't require a ton of regular maintenance. I didn't say they require NO maintenance, just a little bit. If you've been riding through this winter, there are two things you should do.


I've gone over this before, but to review:

                   1. Coat the entire length of the chain with a bicycle-specific chain lube. We're using Pedro's in the shop these days.
                   2. Back pedal a bit to let the lube work itself into the chain. Or let it sit for a while (15min- 1hr). Or both.
                   3. Wipe off the extra with a rag.


Bikes made of all types of materials are subject to corrosion. The chemicals used to treat winter roads speeds up that corrosion. You want to get that stuff off your bike.

A bike specific cleaner would be best- something that's going to be safe on all of the parts of the bike (we use Green Fizz in the shop). If you don't have that handy, a couple drops of mild dish soap in warm water will work. Either way- be careful around brakes and braking surfaces. No bike cleaner, and you don't like soap? At the very least, brush the salt off when it dries with a dry rag.


Just doing those two things, should take 10-15 minutes, tops, and will make your ride last longer, and pedal smoother.

Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm having a great time. Which explains the lack of Winter Sabbatical blogging. Sorry. I have been keeping up Instagram.

Check it out if you feel so inclined.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Bukit Timah

I managed a successful MTB trip today. (I tried to go yesterday, but forgot to bring a map and got hopeless lost.) I rode over to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, where there's a nice purpose-built mountain bike loop. It seemed to me to be Singapore's Cutler Park- not super technical, well-loved (read: well-worn), and close enough to the city center.

The loop is well marked with just a few smaller loops that branch off the big guy. A friendly local showed me which trail would avoid a staircase of 12" (or 30.48cm since I'm a metric country). Some of the scenery was breath taking. I had my head down in concentration for a short but very steep climb, when I raised it,this:

Pretty alright.

On my way back to town I stopped in at Byx (newly opened in this location as of three weeks ago), located at the entrance of the park, and talked with Sylvia about the state of mountain biking in Singapore. She said there had been tons of rain in November and December, that did a number on the trails. During the rebuild process they sterilized some of the trails and took some of the challenge out. I could definitely see that, but still had a great ride. She also tipped me off to the Kent Ridge trail, which is supposed to have a flowy Super D trail in the mix. Yes, please. I'm going to check that out tomorrow (if I don't get lost).

Monday, January 13, 2014


After surviving a monumentally long flight in a window seat, I'm in Singapore! It's like being inside a mouth here- hot and humid. I've already been on a number of adventures, only one of which involves bicycles (so far).  I've been eating and drinking my way through the city. And have done a ton of walking, including a stroll around MacRitchie Resivoir. I saw my first monkey in the 'wild'. 'Wild' in the same way that squirrels eating from the trash cans at your favorite state park are wild.

They don't like it when you make eye contact. I've heard.

My bicycle related adventure was to find a 6mm Allen wrench. Somehow I forgot to bring one, and my seat clamp bolt is a 6, so I thought I'd head to Wheeler's Yard to get one.

Wheeler's yard is a very slick shop/cafe located in a neighborhood I don't know the name of. The shop is located in a warehouse, with the cafe part sectioned off and air-conditioned (necessary). They have their own line of frames- all single speed, all with nice, clean lines. 

I thought this lugged, double top and down tube frame looks especially slick. 

I can't tell you how the cafe is because I accidentally over caffeinated earlier in the day, but I did overhear some other patrons talking about the delicious coffee.

Turns out they don't have multi tools for sale. The mechanic was nice enough to offer to tighten the bolt, but I didn't have the bike with me. Mission not completed, but totally worth the trip.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekend at Ray's

Last year's sabatical took me to Ray's MTB in Cleveland. This year I thought I'd check out their Milwaukee location, and I brought Erich along to peer pressure me into trying more stuff. 

This Ray's was much like the one in Cleveland- although more big box store, less industrial warehouse. It has a few XC skills sections- beginner, sport and expert, as well as a park/jump section all connected by XC 'trail' that runs through the whole place.

Here's the start of the Sport section:

Here's Erich reflecting on how rad he's just gotten at the finish of the Sport section:

The place is designed to allow you to challenge yourself without huge risk. Many of the most challenging lines have (relatively) safe bail out options. Don't get me wrong, you could definitely do some serious damage to yourself if you wanted to, but if you've got your noggin in the right place there's no reason you'd get hurt.

This time around I wanted to challenge myself to get my wheels off the ground. The Micro Rhythm section was perfect- a series of table top jumps long enough to work up a rhythm (eh? get it?), but not so long that it was intimidating or exhausting.

Here's a video of me riding this very section. My favorite part is the tiny child riding this better than me.