Monday, January 13, 2014


After surviving a monumentally long flight in a window seat, I'm in Singapore! It's like being inside a mouth here- hot and humid. I've already been on a number of adventures, only one of which involves bicycles (so far).  I've been eating and drinking my way through the city. And have done a ton of walking, including a stroll around MacRitchie Resivoir. I saw my first monkey in the 'wild'. 'Wild' in the same way that squirrels eating from the trash cans at your favorite state park are wild.

They don't like it when you make eye contact. I've heard.

My bicycle related adventure was to find a 6mm Allen wrench. Somehow I forgot to bring one, and my seat clamp bolt is a 6, so I thought I'd head to Wheeler's Yard to get one.

Wheeler's yard is a very slick shop/cafe located in a neighborhood I don't know the name of. The shop is located in a warehouse, with the cafe part sectioned off and air-conditioned (necessary). They have their own line of frames- all single speed, all with nice, clean lines. 

I thought this lugged, double top and down tube frame looks especially slick. 

I can't tell you how the cafe is because I accidentally over caffeinated earlier in the day, but I did overhear some other patrons talking about the delicious coffee.

Turns out they don't have multi tools for sale. The mechanic was nice enough to offer to tighten the bolt, but I didn't have the bike with me. Mission not completed, but totally worth the trip.

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