Sunday, January 22, 2012


Perfect day for some sweet central Texas singletrack! Mr. E and I hit the trails just like old times. I was even reunited with another old friend today. My old mountain bike (I think this one was 6-7 bikes ago...) lives here in Austin since J Bone was nice enough to adopt it.

The trails at Rocky Hill Ranch were really fun. Pretty flowy and fast, a few roots to keep it interesting, and lots of sections with really dry, loose rocks. Not baby heads, something smaller than that... Fetus heads? That's disturbing- how about just small rocks? Ok. Lost of loose small rocks. We learned later from the land manager (who was kind enough to give us some ice cold post-ride beverages!) that the area was wicked close to being burned to the ground during the wild fires of last summer. I'm glad it wasn't- it was nice to have a little cover from the pine trees. Which smelled fantastic, by the way. I think this is where they get the 'Mountain Pine Fresh' scent for laundry detergent from.

The place was almost deserted. It was really fun to have the trails all to ourselves. That finger I banged up while getting hit by an SUV (I'm going to hold that against you forever, Florida. Don't think I'll forget it. I won't.) was a little sore. It was a good reminder not to have a death grip on the bars.

There was also a funny lodge/base camp/shack that, I'm told, is 'very Texas'. For example, there is a clearly labeled Main Entrance door, decorated with antlers, but no walls that require an entrance at all...

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