Saturday, January 7, 2012

Things I've Learned So Far.

I'm in Madison, FL- home of the... I don't know... they probably have a claim to fame... Well, only three days in and I've learned a bunch already.

One- Just because you are prepared/want to ride for 60/70/80 miles, doesn't mean there will be a place for you to stop and stay at that point. So either get ready to ride more or less. Especially in rural areas.

Two- 'Dirt roads' in Florida are not dirt. They are soft sand, which are not rideable on The Brown Machine when it's fully loaded up (I'm not sure they'd be rideable when The Brown Machine isn't fully loaded...).

Three- Judging by the number of 'Calvin peeing on Obama's campaign logo' bumper stickers I've seen, he probably shouldn't expect to win FL in November.

Four- I'm going to get sick of oatmeal pretty quick here.

And finally- This is a real thing, apparently:

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