Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hill Country

I headed today out for an overnight trip from Austin. There are tons of state parks here. Including one in Blanco (you'd think it would be 'blahhhnk-oh' but folks seem to be calling it 'blank-oh'). It's pretty cute here. And surprisingly packed for a campground on a Wednesday night in January. Lots of RVs, but also a handful of tents around. It's nice to have some company. RV culture is really interesting. It has it's own lingo and etiquette. I'm sure there are RV snobs out there, although the folks I've talked seem very nice. There are times when serious RVers travel around the country, and times when they settle in for a season (usually winter, and usually in the south, natch). And there are so many places to stay- campgrounds, Wal Mart parking lots, rest areas, Elks Lodges. If you ever want to know more about it, just ask the next retired couple you see in an RV. I'm sure they'll tell you all you want to know, and more.

The ride to get here was wicked hilly ('Texas hill country', you think I would have figured that out...), and the roads were pretty choppy, so I'm beat. I'm going to try and stay awake long enough to enjoy some of those big 'n bright stars they advertise here in the heart of Texas.

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