Sunday, January 8, 2012

That Smell

So far, so good. I decided to make today a short day (41.75). I'm ahead of schedule, in spite of taking some not-so-short shortcuts/wild goose chases.

I passed an animal farm today. I'm going to guess a pig farm (the 'illustration' on the sign was a little ambiguous). I can say without a doubt that I weren't already a vegetarian, the smell of that place would have converted me. It was otherworldly. Think about how bacon smells. Pretty good, right? (Hey, even though I don't eat it, I can appreciate how good it smells) Now think about how the opposite of bacon would smell (like maybe rotting bacon) and add in a porta potty from the county fair. That's pretty close.

Oh. And, to make it even worse- I passed it while I was going up hill. So it's not like I could hold my breath until I passed... Ugh. That smell is going to haunt my dreams.

Hopefully some refreshing Florida citru can help cleanse my senses. Keep you fingers crossed for me.

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