Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Things

One- I got around to downloading pictures from my trip adventure (that I will stop posting about soon. Hopefully before you get wicked, wicked sick of hearing about it.). Check out this one:

 Don't make me punch you.

Two- I love it here. I love that even though it's the dead of winter (albeit, a strangely mild winter), I saw nine other cyclists on my commute home last night. I love how genuinely excited everyone is to still be bike commuting this time of year. Warms my bikey heart.

Three- Hub is two years old today. My deepest thanks for the support that have made these two great years possible.


  1. one-I don't like that picture.
    two-maybe I will bike commute from my new place, when I have one.
    three-Happy Birthday, Hub!