Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mentally Prepared

Sometimes (not all of the time, but sometimes) it's good to go out for a ride you're not ready for.

I'm in Austin, and headed back to Rocky Hill Ranch with a crew (and one dog) for a ride. We never really talked about how long we were going to go for. I'm the kind of gal that appreciates knowing the time/distance of a ride so that I can make sure I leave enough in the tank to make it through. Usually it comes down to having enough in the mental tank, more than the physical tank. I think the original plan was to do a 'medium loop' of around 12ish miles. We ended up doing 25. The last chunk of miles made it clear that everyone was running out of gas. In the end, we did it and it was fun.

Here's my first attempt at mountain bike videography. It's all from the first hour (of 4.5hrs) of the ride, so everybody's in good shape here. As far as I can tell from watching 1000s of MTB videos, the key ingredients to a making a good one are- slow motion, dudes getting airborne, and an obscure hip hop soundtrack. This has none of that.

RHR from Hub Bicycle on Vimeo.

By the time we were back at the lodge, eating a disgusting combination of snacks (my stomach says you shouldn't mix energy bars) everyone was back to normal. It was a great ride, and really satisfying to push it a little further than usual.

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