Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Soggy Feet

Oh man, this weather is killing me. First it was mud, today it was freezing rain.

This weather has also been killing my gear.  My bike was coated in a thin layer of ice in the back of the truck today. Worse than that (it's actually not all that bad, really- nothing a wipe down and a little chain lube can't fix)- I forgot that my MTB shoes were also in the back of the truck. They were back there for entire 7 hour freezing rain drive. Oops.

It's not the first time I've ended up with a pair of soggy shoes (usually it happens when I'm actually riding, not driving). The important thing in this situation is to dry them out as soon as possible. For two reasons- 1) You may want to use them again soon. 2) They longer they take to dry out, the more of a 'funk' they'll develop (trust me- it's gross).

All you need to speed up the drying process is some newspaper.

Not news.

Open up the shoes as much as possible- loosen the laces, undo the velcro. Crumple up a couple pages into balls and stuff them into the shoe.  Give it a little time to soak up water. I waited about 30 min. Pull out the soggy paper, replace it more dry paper, and repeat the process until the paper you pull out is dry. It took three rounds of paper to dry these babies out.

This works great with all kinds of shoes. No joke.

1 comment:

  1. Nice tip! I'll try that next time instead of my usual solution: filling my wet sneakers with rice.

    I won't get a tasty treat by using newspaper, though.