Thursday, March 17, 2011


No joke.

Nutcase is out with some sweet, sweet new features for their 2011 noggin protectors. New fitting system, 360 degrees of reflectivity, and a one hand-able(!) buckle make these babies even better. To make room for the 2011 helmets that are coming to Hub on Wednesday 3/23 we're going to sell the 2010s we have in stock at 20% off!

Here's everything we have in stock (when they're gone, they're gone...):

Pink 8 ball (Small/Medium)
Argyle (S/M)
Superstar (or 'the Evil Kinevil') (S/M)
Paint Fight (S/M)
Checkboard (S/M)
Hula Lounge (S/M)
Glitter Star (S/M)
Danger (S/M)
Blackdana (S/M)
Argyle (Large/X Large)

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