Tuesday, March 8, 2011

7 days a week

It's time. Slowly but surely. the spring, and the cycling masses are coming back. Two weeks ago people stopped into the shop to say they were thinking about considering taking the time to contemplate making a decision about bringing their bikes in for a tune up. Last week people stopped into say they definitely decided to bring their bikes in for a spring tune up, some time in the future. This week the bikes are coming in. And a bunch of the bikes look like this:

This is what early spring looks like.

To make sure we're available to make everyone's bicycle dreams come true, we're now open 7 days a week! Here's how it breaks down:

Monday-Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 12-5pm

That's 50 hours a week for you to get a tune up, pick up a patch kit, take a maintenance clinic, geek out about mountain biking (or any kind of biking, really) with me, get a new helmet, get a flat fixed, etc.

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