Monday, February 14, 2011

Surly Troll

I mentioned last post that I had a new bike. I got this bike because I needed fewer bikes. Don't worry, it makes sense. My collection was getting out of hand. There are good reasons to have more than one bike, but at some point it gets to be too much. One reason is because I like a good project. I'd gotten to the point where I was finishing a project bike, and then picking up another one, to put the extra parts from the first project to good use. Or I'd want to try something new, like a 2-speed kickback hub, or a disc braked fixed gear, you know, product testing. So I can provide sound, tested opinions and suggestions. I suppose I could have gotten a Surly Cross Check. It's a frame I really like, and would allow for lots of parts swapping, but no disc brakes. And I already have a 'cross bike.

Enter the Surly Troll. 26" wheel bike, with means to attach anything you want (within reason)- disc brakes, full line guides, post mount brakes, derailleurs, racks (front and rear), fenders, specially threaded holes to attach their new trailer, and horizontal dropouts for single speeding.

Here's how I have mine built up (for now):

Riding in a winter wonderla... ugh. It's gross.

Single speed. Right now it's fixed. Front hydraulic brake. My favorite seat/saddle and handlebars. And giant tires. 26 x 2.4! I know they're excessive, and my choice is almost purely aesthetic. I just prefer the way they fill up the frame, especially on a mountain bike. If I was a car person, I would probably be this A-hole guy:

So far I've enjoyed the ride. The heavy, heavy wheels/tires do take a little energy to wind up, but if I keep them up to max air pressure it's not so bad. Plus, I don't fear the potholes quite as much on the 2.4s. Which is important for my daily commute these days- have you seen S'ville Beacon Street? Pinch flat city.

I'm looking forward to taking it off road a little. And probably for a little light touring. And give it a geared drive train sometime. Or 3 speed. And maybe try it with some skinny tires. Or whatever other project I can come up with.

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