Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Too many bikes -or- This bike is for sale.

Oh man. I just realized that my last post was also about selling stuff. Sorry. Next one will be about not being a bike ninja/ bike lights, I promise (Timely, because of daylight savings. Get it?).

On to the bike for sale... I have too many bikes. There I said it. And like a parent who's just realized she has too many kids, I've been really struggling with the idea of removing one from the collection (No. I know it's nothing like that...). People often ask me 'why have more than one bike?' My short answer is that bikes are like shoes. You can't wear ballet shoes hiking, and you can't dance ballet in hiking boots. If you want to do both, you probably should have two pairs of shoes. And there's no ultimate shoe- one you can wear for work, hiking, playing basketball, white water kayaking, clogging, and black tie parties. Sometimes you make one pair work in a couple different situations (hiking and playing basketball?), but sometimes you just need the right shoe for the job. And sometimes you realize you have too many shoes for the same job. Or just too many shoes. So enough about me trying to justify too many bikes...

I have more than one commuter bike. So it's time I set one free to find a new home. Here he/she/it is:

It's a 17" (or medium, if you prefer) Specialized Hardrock frame, in weathered red. The highlights include, but are not limited to, a new Sturmey Archer S2C (C is for coaster brake) 2 speed kickback hub(!) hand built rear wheel, street tires, a red/black color scheme, front brake & coaster brake for safety, and cool BMX pedals that have a great back story (story is free with purchase).

Actually the story is really about the guy I got them from...

And if you've never tried a 2 speed, come check it out. It keeps the bike nice and simple for around riding around town, just like a single speed (it even looks like a single speed to the untrained eye), but gives you a nice bail out gear for hills.

All this can be yours for $275. Stop in, call, or email if you have any questions.

I only hope I can find a good home for it soon, before I convince myself to keep it.

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