Friday, January 28, 2011

Reading List

I'm not going to complain about the snow. Don't get me wrong, I am not a fan, but complaining isn't going to help and it's getting old.

To avoid falling into the glass-half-empty winter curmudgeon trap I've been doing bike-y things from the warmth and comfort of the indoors. Like reading. There's interesting stuff out there.

Here is what (and in what order) I typically read:

I start at Boston Biker. No, wait. First I get a cup of coffee. Then I go to Boston Biker. It's a nice way to catch a bunch of the latest in one place. I also like to scan down the left side to see what other blogs have updated recently. Of the 'left side Boston Biker blogs' I particularly like Chic Cyclist and the Humble Cyclist.

Then I move on to Lovely Bicycle!. I'm not as big a fan of vintage as she is (that's not to say I'm not a fan of vintage, just not as big...), but I do think the tone she uses to share her cycling experience makes it more accessible to more people.

Then I move on to Bike Snob NYC. I will say that sometimes I have to take a break to see other blogs. I like a little snark. I think it can be funny, and has its place, but I also think it should be used sparingly (it's like refined sugar on the food pyramid of comedy). I will say I'm enjoying it for now.

Next I go to Bike Shop Girl. 'Empowering women in cycling.' Amen. I find the layout of the site to be a bit cluttered, but the content is a-ok! disorienting, but it's probably just me (I like my websites nice 'n linear).
Then I check out what Joshua has to say over at Arc En Ciel Bicycle Studio. You can always count on some nice pics there.

Then I like to check out some local frame builders' sites, and admire their handiwork. I also like to check with MassBike and NEMBA to see what's new.

Any other suggestions? I've got 51 days to fill until spring...


  1. possibly of interest:

  2. I like the ones you mention but I do have to take in BSNYC sparingly :) I'll have to check out Bike Shop Girl
    Some other faves:
    Path Less Pedalled:
    Alaska Bike Girl:
    Biking in Heels:
    Bike Fancy: