Monday, January 24, 2011

More Learning Opportunities

So the basics are covered. What if you want to learn more? As promised here are the details about... I'm not sure what to call it yet... Advanced bicycle instruction? Bicycle maintenance tutoring? One to one maintenance classes? Individual bicycle maintenance instruction?

Want to learn something (or everything) specific about your bike? Maybe what you're looking for isn't covered in the offerings of the various bicycle maintenance classes out there. Or maybe the large class format isn't for you. Hub Bicycle is now offering individual bicycle maintenance instruction. In this class the student/teacher ratio is 1:1.

It's up to you what's covered during your instruction time, but examples of topics include:

  • wheel maintenance
  • wheel building
  • drive train maintenance and adjustment
  • bleeding hydraulic brakes
  • suspension maintenance and adjustment
  • bearing overhauls
  • head to toe (or handle bar to tires) tuning

Email me (still emilyathubbicycledotcom) with your thoughts, and we can put together the curriculum for your bike class. Evening and weekend times are available so we can find time to fit into your schedule. The cost is $60/hour for instruction and use of shop space & tools. Any components needed (hubs, spokes, rims, bleed kits, drive train parts, etc.) are 15% off retail price.

With a wide range of experience in the bike industry and a commitment to continued learning, I've got a noggin full of bike info that I'd love to share. Come on in to fill your noggin, too.

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