Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Long short story

I often get asked how I got into this. Bike shops. It's a long short story.

It all started in 1996...

At Southwest Cycle- I was the shop kid, during summers and school vacations. I fixed a lot of flat tires, built a lot of bikes, inspected a lot of rental bikes, and installed bike racks on rental cars.

I graduated college, got a 'real job' and hated it. I went to UBI as a fun, nerdy break from working (I think it's called a 'vacation'), and knew I wanted back in.

Next was a summer at Cycle Mania- I worked as a mechanic, spent some time working with the shop's road racing team (cat 1, 2). Then the summer was up and so was that job.

I was lured to Eugene, OR for a full-time, year-round job at Paul's Bicycle Way of Life (PBWOL, or "peeb-wall")- Lead wrenching there, I worked on lots of mountain bikes, commuter bikes, burning man bikes, Oregon Country Fair bikes and more commuter bikes. I was also given the opportunity to teach bike maintenance classes at the University of Oregon (go Ducks!). That was wicked fun.

Then a move to Portland, OR to manage Veloshop- cyclocross, cyclocross, cyclocross, and commuter bikes, and lots of fixed gears. And good coffee.

Then a jump across town for a couple of months at Bike n' Hike, for an education about how a hugely successful, multi-million dollar bike shop works. Somewhere between Veloshop and Bike n' Hike the idea for Hub Bicycle Co was born. My desire to return to the east coast, and to Boston in particular, finally overcame my love for food carts and bird art.

Hub Bicycle was born on paper in the fall of 2009 and the doors opened February 1, 2010.

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