Tuesday, March 30, 2010


More rain, more problems. The leak buckets are back out. The one thing I'll say about this weather is that, I think, it's easier to ride in. Here's why: When it's drizzling you have to make an effort to not get too wet. Rain pants, avoiding puddles, finding the clip on fenders, trying to decide if you can coast enough to keep your legs dry(ish). There's alot of fussing that goes into avoiding the moment when you go from reasonably dry to uncomfortably wet. In weather like this, if you make the choice to ride (100 bonus points!) you're going to get soaked. No rain pants or fenders will save you. So don't worry about it. Have fun, use your blinkies, and have a towel ready when you get home.

And- don't forget that Part 1 in the two part Women's MTB maintenance clinic is tonight!

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