Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stunt Double

I'm heading out of town this weekend. I'm off to CA with Team Luna Chix for some mountain biking and I've been promised "new instructional skills to take back to your community to share with other women". I'll bring some back for you.

In my absence I'm leaving Midwest Tim as my stunt double. Squint a little- we look exactly alike. He's a former bike shop manager, turned grown-up office job haver and all around good dude. I know this puts him at the risk of falling off the wagon (or is it onto the wagon?), so make sure he doesn't have too much fun, ok?

We'll be down a pair of wrenching hands while I'm gone, so I expect we'll have to add a day to our turn-around times. If you don't want to leave your bike off with us for a few days, please take advantage of making an appointment. If you don't mind that your bike stays with us for a little while, then carry on. And don't forget- Hubway is back! So you're never really bikeless.


1 comment:

  1. Have fun! Good timing for me. I just heard from Natalie that they are waiting on a part (Paul Thumbies) but should be able to ship out the new bike next week.