Saturday, April 20, 2013

"I can't wait for this week to be over."

You said it, Springfield NBC affiliate reporter.

The last seven days been stressful scary awful. In both a small and big picture way. For me, they started with a broken thumb last Friday (yes, it was bike related and yes, it's hard to work without a thumb). Then Erich broke his arm, reducing the Hub Bicycle Mechanic Team down to two working right arms. I want nothing but to do the best work in the quickest turn-around time. We're still cranking out the same quality service you've come to expect, but at a slower pace that I'm finding difficult to be ok with. All of that seems small potatoes, though.

Sunday night was the wildly fun and successful Midnight Marathon Ride (yes, I rode, broken thumb and all).

Then the Marathon on Monday. My dear friend, Josh, said it best with this post on his website Bike Safe Boston. Sad, unsettling, angering- I can't say it any better than the hundreds blog posts, tweets, and columns that have come out over the last week.

Yesterday I arrived at the shop wicked early to try to get some work done. I looked out the window shortly before 7am to see a CBS news van pull up on Cambridge St. Shortly after that Fox, CNN, AP, NBC, ABC, etc... It was surreal to be watching a live stream of the news shot from a helicopter hovering over the building I was watching the news in. I didn't know the two that lived in the house on Norfolk St, but I did know a lot of their neighbors. I recognized so many faces in the crowd that gathered in front of the shop (many evacuated from their houses, some still in pajamas)- both of folks who are customers and those I see when I walk to the bank, or post office or lunch. I know that this is also not a unique feeling, but this past week reinforced my love for the city and this neighborhood in particular. Some terrible people lived here, but so, so many more good people do, too.

Today the news crews are gone. Many folks have remarked at how well and quickly things seem to be getting back to normal. We're getting back to work, and continuing to will broken bones to heal up fast. So, thanks for your patience, and continue to stay safe out there.

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