Tuesday, November 1, 2011

H-ween Ride

Oh man. So much fun. I love, love, love seeing people and bikes of all shapes and sizes go for a little ride together. And the costumes. Oh the costumes. So many animals, ninjas, 1%ers, mythical beasts, a couple of Elliots (of E.T. fame, natch), plumbers, cartoon characters, I could go on...  I definitely could have put more effort into my costume- I was a crab. All it took was a red hoodie, a couple of oven mitts, and a backpack. Next year I'll see what I can do about stepping it up.I collected a handful of high-fives from folks spectating on the side walks, and I overheard one woman say "They're making me so happy!" Fun for everyone. I wish I had gotten some better pictures to entice you to come on the ride next year (as if costumes and high-fives aren't enough), but here's a couple:

Lots of lights, bike blinky and otherwise

 That's the hwangsta on the left, dressed as a nevernude, complete with shower.

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