Monday, October 24, 2011

New and Improved!

We did it! We're open for business at our new location- 1064 Cambridge St. (it's on the corner of Cambridge St. and Elm St.).

I can't really celebrate the new space without thanking and acknowledging all the folks who helped make it happen. Like Robert, Peter, Sal, Lisa, Charlie and the whole Youth Build/Just A Start crew for constructing this beautiful spot. And the moving crew- Ben, Casey, Mirabel, Laura, Janet, Jeff, Charlie, John, Erin, Cathy, Kim, Amanda, Kristen, Nancy, Cami, K Rice, and Jen. Oh, and Abby for showing up just as we finished all the work.

We're still breaking it in a little, but we're back to 93% operational. The other 7% will be back tomorrow.


  1. I saw that you were moving, and said to my roommate, "I can't believe they're moving, they were in such a convenient spot before, I'm sure it's going to be a huge pain to get to wherever the new store is."

    Come to find out you've moved onto the corner of my block. Thank you.

    Good luck at the new address,


  2. Wow - your new digs look awesome ! This is a great accomplishment in just 2 short years.

    Best of luck !