Monday, May 23, 2011

Adventure Time

I half-accidentally talked myself into a rando/tour/walkabout bike adventure this coming weekend (I know... poor me... that's why it was only half an accident). I'll tell you all about it when it's over (if I make it).

UPDATE: I didn't quite make it, for two reasons: 1) The plan was to ride 130ish to my better half's family house in VT. I kept getting lost, which kept adding to the mileage. I got bailed out after 85ish. 2) I forgot chamois cream. So... that was uncomfortable.

The shop is going to be CLOSED Sat 5/28, Sun 5/29, and Mon 5/30 to accommodate for this adventure.

In preparation, I've been spending a little time transforming my Surly Troll from monster truck to long haul monster truck. Which means gear options, and lots of 'em.

Soooo, if I don't see you before- have a great Memorial Day Weekend! I'll see you Tues 5/31.

1 comment:

  1. Do I see Monkey Nuts in your Troll dropout? I am building up a new Troll with standard 3x9 derailer gearing (the Rohloff hub will have to wait until I win the lottery). I have seen lots of images, but no discussion as where to locate your QR hub in the Troll dropouts. Most pics have the hubs slid all the way forward, but I thought Monkey Nuts might put the hub in a better position in relation to the rear derailer. Your thoughts? Thanks in advance.