Tuesday, April 5, 2011

That was nice.

Things are really picking up here at Hub. Yesterday, I got caught up on repairs, so I thought I might leave the shop in Charlie's capable hands, and scoot out a little early.

As I cruised home through Union Square I heard a rhythmic "Psst... Psst... Psst... Psst..." I was really hoping it was something rubbing on my fender. No such luck. My first flat of 2011. I was half way home, and sometimes after fixing bikes all day, I don't want to fix any more bikes. So I started walking. That's what I get for trying to cut out of work early.

A few minutes into my stroll home, a guy, who appeared to be a serious bike commuter, slowed down enough to ask if I needed a pump. I told him I actually had one with me, but I was feeling too lazy to stop and fix it. I thanked him, anyway. He wished me a nice walk and was on his way.

That small interaction with a fellow human, on a spring-ish day, after having a very busy but satisfying day at work, left me with the overwhelming feeling that everything is A-ok. I really enjoyed the rest of my walk. Kinda made that flat worth it.

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