Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, dear web log readers, I'm on the mend, and I learned that the right-hooking driver did, in fact, get a ticket. I wouldn't say I have complete closure on this unfortunate incident (there's still the issue of my bike to deal with), but I think it's time for us to move on here. So how about a nice observation I've made in the last couple of weeks?

Cyclists following traffic laws. It's been happening, and I'm really happy about it. I like having company at the red lights. It gives me a chance to admire other people's bikes (like I don't get enough of that at the shop...) and chat with other bike nerds. Why does this seem to be happening?

Is it the Same Roads Same Rules campaign catching on?

Is it because the colder weather is leaving the die hard velonauts standing? I've noticed that there are fewer folks traveling in the bike lanes as the weather gets more fall like (that's not the nice observation... I'm getting to it). Despite the fact that the weather is still reasonably fair it seems that the fair weather bikers are starting to hang it up for the year. Which is totally fine. I'm not judging. I'd rather that someone commute by bike for one month (or week, or day or on every 4th Thursday) than not at all. The one thing I'd rather that folks not do is blow through stop lights/signs, bike ninja it, or bike salmon it. I don't want to stereotype fair weather cyclists, but it seems to me that folks that ride less are less involved/connected with the cycling community and therefore are less exposed to their rights and responsibilities on the road.

Could it somehow be the influence of the new bike lanes and sharrows?

Could it be that I'm seeing what I want to see? I hope not.

So, I really I don't know why, but I hope it keeps up. More respect can only get more respect. Oh, and to all the cyclists out there, there's still plenty of great, if slightly cooler, riding left to be had!

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  1. Both cyclists and drivers in this city, I think, have been getting better and better at being respectful and safe on the road and to each-other.

    Cambridge PD seems to also be putting more focus on enforcing traffic laws for cyclists - I saw a couple pulling over cyclists for warnings after running red lights in Central Square just yesterday.

    I also have anecdotal evidence about "better" cyclists appearing to be the more serious ones. I hate to say it but generally when I see somebody riding on the sidewalk or the wrong way on the street there's a pretty good chance I not only see them but also hear the squeaks from their unmaintained gears indicating their more casual relationship to bike maintenence at the very least.