Monday, October 25, 2010


I got my best result of the season in Washington DC this weekend! 39 out of 46 finishers. If I can continue the trend of moving up 2-3 places each race, I'll only need 4-5 more months of 'cross to win one...

Why would I travel all the way to DC when there were some really decent races happening in New England? I like a good road trip. And it gave me a chance to visit my dear friend Seeb*. I took the overnight train down (it's the only Northeast Regional train that has a bike-carrying baggage car). I don't want to brag, but I'm pretty good at sleeping, so I had no trouble resting up even though the train was packed. When I got to DC the sun was rising. Here's the scene outside Union Station:

That's the Capital Building way in the back. I've seen that place on TV.

The race itself was great. Fun course, friendly people. In fact, I added two people to my support/heckling team just moments before the race (thanks Mckenzie and Chris!). I didn't want to burden Seeb with having to do all of the heckling. It also happened to be beautiful weather, I stayed in and raced in the nice part of town, I had all kinds of wonderful food, I rode around on the ridiculously clean Metro, I saw a LEGO architecture exhibit... so as far as I can tell DC is like Disneyland.

To top off the weekend, on the train ride back I happened to find a seat in the quiet car that was 'broken'. The seats in front hadn't been able to switch around so I was the only person on the train able to do this:

And therefore the only person on the train sleeping like a very comfortable baby. Oh man, such a good weekend for racing bikes...

*Not her real name (depending on who you ask).

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