Thursday, January 7, 2010

Internet and soap

The website is 87% working and 100% on the internet!! I'm not ashamed to tell you how stoked I am that it actually works. It's a little bit like magic. As a mechanic, I have good luck with mechanical things. Digital tends to be a little hit or miss. In fact- I took most of the pictures on the site with a Pentax K1000, because of an 'incident' with my digital camera. What the ol' K1000 lacks in instant gratification, it makes up for with a real shutter sound.


There are a few misplaced links to fix and a couple of sections to finish, but we're now one step (or .87 step) closer to opening.

Also today I got soap:

Regular soap just can't hold up to what happens to your hands in a bike shop. If it's not scratchy, it's not working.


  1. The website looks great - and so does the shop dog! YAY HUB!

  2. aw, that reminds me, i have an old K1000 sitting forlorn in a closet...

    i love the name of your shop-- apropos of not only the area but also of bikes!

    best of luck!