Thursday, June 18, 2015

Presenting... Hub Bicycle's Saturday Morning Road Ride

Get stoked! Hub is starting up a Saturday Morning Road Ride, lead by one of our employees, Jim.

Ride basics:
  • What: A ride designed to be an introduction to group riding for road cyclists. It is a no drop ride.
  • Who:  Anyone with a road bicycle who's excited about a group road ride
  • When: Every Saturday from 8-10:30am, Hub will open at 8am, departure at 8:30am sharp
  • Length: 19 miles loop around the Fells
  • Expected Average speed: 15mph
About the route:
Broad streets, ample shoulder and smooth pavement (for most of the ride). Gentle to moderate climbs, fast descents. Streets are pretty quiet at this weekend hour. Check out the route!

What to bring:
  • A road bicycle in good working order (wheels true, tires in good condition and properly inflated, working brakes, and quiet lubed drive train)
  • Spare tube, tire levers, pump
  • Two small water bottles
  • Helmet
Other important details:
  • Jim will go over basic hand signals, verbal communication, etiquette and safety before the ride. 
  • Please arrived prepared as the shop will not be open for service. Please drop in during normal hours to address any mechanical issues. 
  • The shop floor pump will be available for use and essentials (tubes, patch kits, and water bottles) can be purchased at the shop.
 We look forward to riding with you on Saturday!

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