Thursday, September 12, 2013

#CannoliFriday Fundraiser!

This is Becca. She's a pal of the shop and an all around good human. She's going to ride her bike from NYC to DC for the climate. She's raising money for the BCU, and the climate and for all of us (because we ride bikes and are affected by climate).

This Cannoli Friday (9/13/13) she's going be drawing portraits of you and your bike in exchange for a donation of $5 (or more). Stop by the shop 5:00ish- 7:00 to kick in a few bucks to a good cause and get some (what I assume will be) fridge worthy artwork.

They will be photo-realistic if your face looks something like this:

                                                                       Photo credit: @thehum

In addition to the 'art' for a good cause we'll have pops from Real Pops, natch. Come try one out before summer's gone.

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