Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Grip Rings

We've got Grip Rings in stock! You may have seen their Kickstarter a while back. I'm really excited about them (which is saying something, as I am a grizzled, jaded bike mechanic). They look good, work with lots of handle bar situations, are easy to install and feel great.

You can customize the color, but more importantly the length. If you have a bike with twist shift style shifters you know that most grips come in a length that needs to be cut down to fit your handle bars. That works alright, but leaves you with an uneven cut edge, or weird transition from shifter to grip.

It takes 5 to 8 Grip Rings make a grip. They're made of silicone rubber, and they are wicked comfy. I don't ride with gloves during the warmer months, and I can say hands-down (ha! get it?) these are the most comfortable grips I've used. And they look good:

I've been using them on my commuter and mtb for a couple of weeks. They were a piece of cake to install- stretchy enough to pull over the end of the bar without any help, but they do say you can use a little water or rubbing alcohol if you need to. I haven't gone easy on them. I made sure to crash them directly into the ground at Gnar Weasels a couple of weeks ago. They shifted a little during the crash (there was a dent in the dirt from where the handlebar landed), but they were really easy to slide back in place.

A set will run $18-30, depending on the length and color combo you want to roll with.

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