Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Trade You

Bikes are filthy. I'm not complaining- a dirty bike is a bike that's being used for the greater good (I assume). We clean every bike that comes in for service because it allows us to inspect for damage and wear. A clean bike also looks better, works better and parts last longer. To properly clean bikes we need rags.

We go through a boatload of rags. Especially this time of year- the bikes we're seeing for tune ups are covered in road salt and grime. As soon as the weather warms up a little all of the dusty 'stored in the basement/garage' bikes will be coming of of hiding. Old t-shirts are my personal favorite rag choice- absorbent enough, soft enough, and strong enough to last through multiple uses. Also- cheap and plentiful (sometimes). Last spring I did a major purge of my own t collection, and it's lasted pretty much until now (I had a lot of shirts to get rid of). This year I can't spare any more shirts, so I'll trade you for yours.

Bring in 4 old cotton t's- washed, please, I don't want your armpit stank in the shop- and get a FREE FLAT FIX. You know those shirts that are too worn out/embarrassing/stained to donate to Goodwill- we'll take 'em. 

We'll give you a card- you don't currently have to have a flat to get in on this.

You aren't going to wear that shirt you got at that 5k three years ago. We need it, and we'll put it to good use. Maybe we'll even use it to wipe your bike down when you bring it in for that flat.

We'll keep this deal going until we have enough rags, which is going to be a while. I'll give you fair warning so you'll have plenty of time to get your hands on some free flat fixing.

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  1. And now, the answer is clear to my question of "what to do with the mountain of XL T-shirts I've got from fatter days?"