Friday, August 10, 2012

The Deal

It's getting to be the time of year when new folks are moving into town. These new folks are having to find their new grocery stores, barbershops, dive bars, coffee houses, and bike shops (that's my favorite part of moving- find my new local ___________ ).

For those of you looking for your new bike shop, let me tell you what we do here. We're a bicycle service shop.

I used to tell people that Hub was a "bicycle repair shop", but I think that phrase limits the scope of what we do. We repair bikes that are broken, but even better than that we maintain bikes before they get broken. We upgrade, box for shipping, unpack from shipping, convert, outfit, trick out (and so on) bicycles. We also stock all of the parts and gear to keep bikes (and their riders) rolling safely.

That being said- we can get you a bike if you want one. But, we don't sell bikes in the same way a 'traditional' bike shop does. We can build one up for you. Surly and Soma are some of our favorite bikes/frames to work with. We can help you pick out each individual part, or we can recommend a build kit. Or if you want a super pro, super custom bike (or pedicab) we can send you to our friends at Commonwealth. But if you're looking to roll a bike off the showroom floor, we're not your gals/guy.

 So why not sell bikes? Well, by focusing our resources on bike service, we can provide the best work in the best turnaround time in town. That's our deal.

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