Friday, July 13, 2012


I'm packing up the crappy wimpy shop truck for a weekend of SAG wagoneering! It's time for the American Diabetes Association New England Classic Tour De Cure. This will be the 4th year Hub has supported this ride (yes- since even before Hub existed). It's a good time. Lots of bike eye-candy, good people, plenty of flat tires to keep busy, and I'm told that if everybody finishes the ride diabetes will be cured money gets raised for the ADA.

Working support for a charity ride is the bike mechanic equivalent of camping. You do all of the things you's normally do in a day, but simpler and outside. It can require some creative problem solving. You never realize how often you rely on a bench vise to do your job, until you don't have access to one.

I'm stocking up with tubes, tires, extra cables, a chain or two, a handful of misc. bolts and brake pads.

There's a good chance I'll go through a bunch of tubes, and a tire or two. If you're headed out for any charity or organized rides this summer you clearly don't need to be this well stocked. I'd recommend a tube, tire levers, an inflation device (my faves here and here), and a multi tool. That should have you pretty well covered.

The shop will be open for regular hours- I (Emily) won't be here, but Erich will be. You know Erich? Nice guy, glasses, kinda beardy, knows a lot about bikes. If you don't know him- stop by on Saturday and say 'hi'.

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