Thursday, April 12, 2012

This is a Real Thing

I started working in bike shops in 1995. That year my boss had a retro-style cruiser with a 7 speed internal hub. Oh man, did I covet that bike. Every once in a while I got to use it for shop errands. The one thing I could never figure out was what the hell was going on with the bell on it. It had a floating eyeball in the center- Ok. That's badass, I guess. But around the side were dinosaurs. What???

I always assumed there were a pile of leftover eyeballs and also a pile of leftover dino bells lying around a factory someplace. And maybe someone thought "Hey. let's get rid of these things by just combining them. Maybe nobody will notice how weird it is..."

It turns out my hypothesis was not true. Seventeen years later these weird bells are still available (unless those piles of leftovers were huge). We've got 'em here at Hub, in fact, for $7. I mean, how could I not bring them into the shop. If the dino/eyeball bell doesn't do it for you there's always the 'demon pumpkin' horn...

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