Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Bike Sharing is Caring

Moments after I reading about the return of Hubway (no relation) on Boston Biker, I received this in the mail:

Why would someone who already owns an unhealthy number of bikes (yeah, I said it) want to join a bike share? I think it's a good idea (good for people who don't have a bike, good for people who want to try out biking before committing to it, good for tourists, good for people making burrito runs at lunch time, etc.) and it makes sense to support good ideas. I'm not sure how often I'll take advantage of these bikes- although I'll have more opportunity to with the expansion of stations into Cambridge- but I'm really looking forward to going on a lunch run or two on one of these babies. Learn more about it, or join (it looks like there's a spring special happening...) here.

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