Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Six months

If Hub were a baby, she would be rolling over and able to sit in a high chair.

It's been busy here. There's been a nice variety of bikes- from a couple of high performance full carbon TT bikes to hi-ten steel "I found this bike in the basement of my building" bikes.

I like fixing them all. Every bike presents a problem solving challenge that keeps my brain happily occupied. I've also really enjoyed talking with all of those various bikes' owners. Good people ride bikes. (I'm sure good people drive and take the T, too, but I don't talk to them while I'm working...) I'm very grateful to be doing the work I'm doing. So if you've brought your bike in, Thank You! for a great first 6 months. And if you haven't yet there's still time- maybe by the time you bring it in Hub will be crawling and eating Cheerios.

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  1. Those "I found this bike in the basement of my building" bikes can be awesome!