Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bay State Bike Week!

Happy bike week. Check out all of the happenings here. The calendar is packed, and I'm pretty sure if you were willing to travel around the Greater Boston Area a bit you could get free breakfast all week...

Also don't forget to register for the Mass Commuter Challenge. We (that's the corporate 'we') will be out and about celebrating and supporting various events, so the shop hours will be a little wonky. The shop will open at 2pm on Weds May 19, and will be closing early on Weds May 26 for the Bike Bash. Annnnndddd.... the shop will also be closed on Saturday May 22 to lend a mechanic hand to the North Shore Tour de Cure. If you ride your bike, they will cure diabetes.

Oh man, fun events (all month... and this, too), safety summits, bike traffic (see fig. 1), new bike lanes, nice weather, same roads same rules... now is a wicked good time to be riding bikes!

fig. 1- bikepool!

To summarize: ride your bike, get free breakfast, the shop is opening late Weds, and closed Sat.

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